15175 Raton Rd - Custom Home Build

LaFleur Floorplan

This home is based on the LaFleur floorplan and is a great fit for many different kinds of Colorado lots and views. Scroll through this blog and watch as this home takes shape.

Lot Selection

This great lot has tons of native Ponderosa Pines.

Lot selection
Lot selection

Clearing the Lot

This lot has a lot of potential, but needs serious clearing first.

Clearing the lot
Clearing trees on the lot

Breaking Ground

Now that the lot has been cleared, it is time to break ground.

Breaking ground
Starting the project


It is time to install the footers.

Pouring the footers

Framing Begins

The framing begins.

Framing the home

Framing Continues

Framing continues on Raton Rd.

Framing the home

Framing Second Floor

The framing of the second floor begins.

Second floor framing

Framing Interior

The framing of the interior begins.

Interior framing
Adding interior walls


The subfloor has begun.

Putting in the subfloor


Window Placement

With this view, the window placement was crucial.

Window placement
Windows with a view

Inside Basement

Basement finish has begun.

Basement finish
Finishing the basement

Framing Nearly Finished

The framing is nearly finished.

Framing finished
Framing almost finished

Aerial Photo

Great aerial photo of the completed home on Raton Road.

Finished home