Colorado Springs Home Building Process Phase 1 - Planning

This first phase of the home building process is centered around planning and communicating requirements.  This is the stage where we have our ears wide open and are documenting the specifics of what you, the client, desire in your new home.


We help you determine your budget for the entire project. This will set the standard for everything that follows including location, size, amenities and more.  In the beginning, you will have a rough budgetary number, but as you complete the design process and sign off on the plans, you will know exactly the price of your home at the end of Phase 2.

Area Selection

Based on your budget and requirements, we will show you areas with available home sites that will allow your total project price to come in within budget.  Homes by Michael Hall specializes in the Pikes Peak Region and we know where some of the best areas are available.

Site Selection

Once we have narrowed the areas down to your preferred neighborhoods, we start on specific lots. We pre-qualify lots based on your preferences and present you with the the best choices.

Living Requirements Inventory

How do you know what you want in your new home?  We do a detailed analysis of how you live and what you need. Our goal is not to build you the biggest home possible but to evaluate your needs and help you come up with the right home for how you live. At this point we are just trying to get the big blocks in place so we can give you a general idea about price. Once we complete the design process and produce a set of final plans we can provide a definitive price.

Design Agreement

Once we have a sense of what your requirements are and where you want to build, we enter into a design agreement. This outlines how we will work together through the design and planning process.

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