Colorado Springs Home Building Process

Building a home is a huge undertaking with thousands of tasks, interdependencies, and conditions. Sun River Constructions follows a well-established routine set of phases to assure a quality home built on time and within the specified budget. We don't like surprises, and we know that you don't like surprises either.

We have found that this process is key to our client's understanding and appreciation of the home building process. By breaking the process into phases our clients will know exactly what is going on when and what steps are coming up next.

We want our clients to know what to expect and when critical decisions need to be made. Take a look at the different activities that occur in our 7 phase process.

Phase 1 - Planning

Phase 2 - Design

Phase 3 - Contract & Preparation

Phase 4 - Excavation & Construction

Phase 5 - Framing

Phase 6 - Interior Finish

Phase 7 - Walkthrough

You will notice that at least half of the activities happen even before a hammer hits a nail. The first 3 phases are critical to establishing the client's requirements. Sun River Construction takes no shortcuts during these phases.

If the requirements aren't properly developed, the end result will never be satisfactory to the client. Once we break ground and begin excavation, we begin the documentation of the building of your home.