Home Building Process Phase 2 - Design

Once the design agreement is in place, we use the Living Requirements Inventory to develop the actual plans for your home. You will work with our design team to produce the final set of plans. We use these plans to finalize pricing, in addition, to actually build your home.

Design is a collaborative process where we present you with choices and you respond with honest feedback. For example…”I like this kitchen but”….at this point our planner would take your input and rework the plan to present you with several additional options. We go back and forth until we exceed your expectations.

Design team

Design Team

Our design team consists of five players, each with the goal of producing an exceptional home.

1. Homeowner – The homeowner’s responsibility in this process is to examine all of the input from our team, and make the final decision as to what stays and what goes.

2. Builder – Mike’s involvement at this point is to keep everything on track and maintain the group's focus on objectives like budget, size, etc…

3. Architectural Designer/Planner – This person collects information from everyone on the team and translates those ideas into a set of plans. This is the person that understands the rules of design as well as building industry standards and regional building department codes.

4. Interior Designer – This is the person responsible for assisting in choices of style. They help decide on colors, paints, flooring, etc…

5. Realtor – Our sales associates have years of experience in the residential re-sale field. They are here to make sure we are aware of how the decisions we make during the design process will affect the resale value of the home we are creating.

Coming up with ideas


You will work in conjunction with our design team to refine your plans until we are all satisfied that what we have on paper will translate into something beyond your expectations.

Making revisions

Final Plans

These are the byproduct of the design team's efforts. The resulting plans will be submitted to The Regional Building Department, for final approval. These will also be the plans used for final pricing and ultimately construction.

Final plans


At this point, the builder takes the final plans in conjunction with the list of fixtures and finishes and “prices the home out”. This process is time-consuming but essential to our commitment to delivering your home on a budget. Once we have determined the final price for the home we developed during the design process, it’s time to go to contract in Phase 3.

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