Home Design: Modern Farmhouse Design Style

Looking to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort? Are you divided between contemporary home trends and those that stir up the cozy, rustic comforts of simplicity even if you have never set foot on a farm? The ultra-popular Modern Farmhouse design style provides the traditional, family-centered, homey feel paired with a no-fuss casual design filled with bold and subtle modern touches. 

Modern Farmhouse architecture has grown in popularity in the United States, bringing the serene countryside calmness to the bustle of the city. Just check out Colorado Springs’ Old North End neighborhood, where you are able to take a glimpse into the world of farmhouse design. A significant reason for its popularity is the signature elements which include a kitchen-oriented floor plan, typically a black-and-white color scheme, and on occasion industrial accents.  What are some key components that give a home a farmhouse style, while still maintaining a modern approach? Let’s take a look!

Farmhouse Home Design

Exterior Modern Farmhouse Features

Nothing says farmhouse more than sitting on your porch swing, enjoying that warm cup of freshly brewed coffee. One of the most essential characteristics of the classic farmhouse is the large covered or wrap-around porch. They can be any size but typically span large areas. In order to enhance the Modern Farmhouse design style, contemporary elements can be added such as ample windows that look into an open floor plan, wrought iron or steel and wood columns, and industrial-inspired outdoor light fixtures.

The Modern Farmhouse architecture is typically rectangular in shape with large windows. Natural sunlight is a key feature for that countryside feel. The open floor plans are an important element to make the space feel light and airy. 

A distinct feature to the Modern Farmhouse is the roof which includes the gable roof (A-shaped) design, a hallmark to farmhouses, and steep roof pitches coupled with dormers (roofed windows) that project vertically from the plane of a pitched roof. In order to add that contemporary flair, most are currently made with black or grey metal. 

Example of Modern Farmhouse Design

Two exterior siding styles that really highlight the Modern Farmhouse design: lap, and board and batten. Lap siding consists of long, horizontal planks that each slightly overlap the one below. A more familiar and popular style is board and batten; this places vertical boards with overlaying narrow strips called battens creating a timeless look and most importantly easy maintenance. 

No white after Labor Day? Not for the Modern Farmhouse. While mostly based on preference and trend, a monochromatic color palette is important. The design style relies on more textures and materials to evoke interest over having vibrant colors. That is why you will find white as the mainstay for the exterior while highlighting finishes in black such as window and door trims. 

Interior Farmhouse Features

Practicality reigns supreme when it comes to farm life. The Modern Farmhouse blends clean lines, neutral color palettes, layered textures, and unexpected traditional outdoor materials to create a timeless look with character. The key to this design style is a clean and simple approach. 

It’s all about being open and free! An open floor concept can sometimes feel cold and inhospitable but with the Modern Farmhouse style, you can add warmth to any room using elements like exposed beams, distressed wood finishes, wide plank wood flooring, and textured accents. 

Kitchens in this design style are typically large, open, and easy to move through. Some of the features often include large, center islands and possibly wooden countertops and open shelves. Your line of sight is open to other rooms in the house and there are plentiful window views. 

Shiplap is not relegated to utilitarian buildings such as outhouses or barns anymore. The style of rough-hewn wood slats is a mainstay to the design style of the Modern Farmhouse. Create depth and texture to living space walls by installing shiplap planks. 

Interior of Farmhouse Home

Exposed brick is another design feature that can add either a traditional, industrial or edgy look to your living space. You are able to take the raw texture of the brick by pairing it with open shelves to give it that modern flair. 

Farmhouse decor

The neutral color palette is a crucial part of any modern design, and including one in your Modern Farmhouse space will be the thing that helps keep it fresh, clean, and totally current. White is the natural choice as a dominant shade while using earthy tones such as grays, browns, and tans as the secondary shades. 

Accents play an important role in the design style of the Modern Farmhouse. Industrial-inspired pieces are based on the machinery used for farming so style elements such as hanging barn doors, wooden mantles, or wrought iron fixtures and hardware create a perfect balance against the neutral color palette throughout the house. 

Farmhouse kitchen design

The days of stuffy and informal spaces are gone with the Modern Farmhouse. It will feel cozy, bright and inviting. Creating a warm and relaxed environment, designed to be a gathering place for all your loved ones, to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Where to See Modern Farmhouse Design in Colorado Springs

One of the best places to see examples of Modern Farmhouse Home Design is at the annual Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Tour. Many custom home builders such as All About Home specialize in this specific home design and their award-winning homes can be toured every year during the Parade in August.

Farmhouse living room design

The Modern Farmhouse is about embracing the simplicity and charm of old, but incorporating new features and concepts to bring that traditional style and introduce it to modern-day. Every home will have subtle variations that make it one-of-kind but there are a few key architectural design features that will speak to the character of a Modern Farmhouse design.

It can be hard to decipher the style you have seen a million times on Pinterest, or what separates it from other types, like a Cottage or Craftsman home. Take note of these fundamental elements and you’ll be on the right track.