Mountain Modern Home Design Style

Living in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains is not all bear rugs and deer heads anymore. Once upon a time, the rustic home weekend getaway could include a kitschy design not always made for full-time living. That fun weekend space may seem too heavy and cluttered for real-life living. 

Enter the dawn of the Mountain Modern Home Design Style. An architecture that pays tribute to mountain life without the weighted rustic feel, makes these homes more livable. This design style respects the land and makes your dreams of mountain life even more attainable by inviting nature indoors. Check out some of the most common features of mountain modern design and decide if living that mountain city life combo is right for you.

Mountain modern home design


Most homes built for mountain life come in a collection of shapes we are all familiar with from cozy cottages, log cabins, and those classic a-frames. They can range in various shapes and sizes, but most have multiple levels and built with a basement to accommodate the terrain. Mountain Modern Home Design is exciting because it offers a fresh take on the classic rustic home we all came to love. While mountain home plans vary from Contemporary to Traditional styling, many incorporate rustic details such as wood siding, exposed beams and timbers, large decks or porches and natural stone wainscoting and siding applications. The modern feel is enhanced by chic, geometric architecture including sharp, modern edges with stone walls and wooden paneling and capped with a flat, angular roof.

The Modern Mountain Home Design capitalizes on bringing the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains such as Pikes Peak indoors. It’s not unusual to see floor-to-ceiling dark metal windows that frame the outdoor landscape and bring focus to nature as living art while looking from the inside out. The architecture will take the sun into consideration, making sure to take advantage of the natural light that is available.

Modern interior


Gone are the days of the dark and bold colors of typical rustic homes. The design emphasizes the actual building materials. You will see everything from smooth glass, to chunky woodwork, to textured concrete and rough stones. The materials become a focal point of the home. Typically, neutral colors will highlight the Modern Mountain Home Design, this allows the various materials and textures to be standout over details of color. 


It’s not Colorado living without bringing the outdoors inside! Since parts of Colorado Springs has mountainous terrain and is often hilly, some of the rustic home plans can feature walkout basements. Why is this? A walkout basement house plan can maximize a sloping lot’s potential by creating an additional level of both indoor and outdoor living space.

Natural exterior

Modern Contemporary homes tend to look at outdoor land as part of the total living space. These spaces include things such as walls of retractable windows, huge decks and ski-in, ski-out basements if you live in places like Summit County. Mountain Modern Home Designs are all about making the most of the land, which can mean thinking in a less traditional way about how to use outdoor space. It could include simplicities such as native landscaping or adding an extra luxury with a built-in hot tub, it’s all about reaping the benefits of a mountain escape.


Modern Mountain homes are anything but fussy, you can expect to see simple designs that consider weather and even wildlife. When you utilize local materials like the stones and native plants means you spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your space.

Low maintenance design


Mountain Modern design takes a page out of the traditional contemporary modern homes we see today, with open layouts and tall ceilings. The style is about sweeping views and a relaxing vibe. It’s all about a bigger, brighter and more open aesthetic. 

Mountain modern might be one of the newest trends in architecture, but it also might be one of the most sustainable. Skip the small details of home decor and embrace larger, impactful pieces that will make a statement while keeping clutter to a minimum.

Mountain modern

Colorado Springs is a city that can highlight the best of both worlds for the Mountain Modern Home Design. The city offers the feel of the metropolitan vibe but nestled within a 30 minute drive into the mountains to revel in hiking or camping. If you are looking to create a mountain retreat or have the simple charm for city life, the Mountain Modern is the best of both worlds. It’s about respecting nature but keeping a laid-back attitude toward design.